Blast Furnace Projects

  • Wet Flue Dust Recovery System Study

  • Wet Flue Dust Handling Equipment Modifications

  • Pump Room Modifications

  • Nitrogen Flow Meter

  • Iron Sample Manipulator and Platforms

  • Iron Producing Computer Category-5 Wiring

  • Dismantling Specification

  • Hot Metal De-Siliconization

  • Tap Hole Drill, Hydraulic Control Modifications

  • Tap Hole and Iron Trough Thermocouples

  • Hot Blast Valve Cooling Water

  • Boiler House Addition

  • Ore Feed Conveyor Modifications

  • Pig Caster Study

  • Pig Caster - Iron Trough Manipulator

  • Pig Caster Dust Collection

  • Splitter Box Replacement

  • Hot Metal Transfer Study

  • Specifications and Construction Monitoring

    • Iron Runner Replacement

    • Thermal Expansion Goggle Valve

    • Gas Cleaner Repairs

  • Furnace Reline Piping Modifications and Upgrades

  • 48" Cooling Water Supply, Turboblower Condenser

  • Baumco Gas Washer Piping Modifications

  • Turbo Blower Control Modifications

  • 8" Oxygen Supply Line Design & Construction Monitoring

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